Day Fourteen

This is now at the end of the second week and the feet smell relatively normal. They don’t look normal but the smell is way better. You can see that the nails are improving considerably is you inspect them closely.

But there is clearly a long way to go until the nails grow back normally. One of the issues with this condition is that the nails become very thick; possibly 2x as thick as normal. I believe that this is the body responding to the infection underneath the nail. In terms of treatment all of this thickened nail will have to be removed. It is not only thick but it is brittle. When the condition is this bad the nails start to crumble and hollow out underneath. The only thing to do is trim it off a little bit at a time each day. That also exposes the dead and infected tissue underneath.

Let’s start from the very beginning

Our aim is to show the treatment from beginning to end. Every week we will follow the treatment process carefully and photograph the results. The photographs will not be pretty because the condition is very unpleasant generally. But it will be easy to see how the feet and nails improve with time. We could just show a before and after shot and there are plenty of other sites that do exactly that. However, these are not always sites that I have much trust in. All our photographs will be taken on a white background with the day number printed on. So you should easily see the progress and have trust in the

What you can expect

Every week we will write about one aspect of the care regime in greater detail and will photograph the current state of the toes. The toes will be treated using the process described in detail on the Treatments Page of this site. The treatment we will be using is the JoesToes concentrated liquid and massage oil. You can make this yourself using the recipe on the Mixtures Page of this site. Alternatively you can buy it directly from the eMolly website here.

Daily and weekly regime

Every day these nails will be treated with the JoesToes concentrated oil in the morning and night. The feet and heels will be massaged with the JoesToes massage oil.

So, the scene is set. What follows are photographs of the infected nails at the start of the process,

WARNING The photographs are not for the squeamish so they have been put at the bottom of the blog. If you don't want to look then don't scroll down below here.

Day 14 Photograph - Left Foot

alt text

Day 14 Photograph - Right Foot

alt text