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Everything you need to know about treating and preventing Fungal Nail and Athletes foot.

During 2008 I had a very bad fungal nail infection and I was really embarrassed. It looked horrific and I didn’t want people to know about it. So I just hid my feet away. To cut a long story short, I am now totally cured, and the treatment was actually very easy to do, extremely simple and cost almost nothing. If you are affected by this unpleasant condition then you can get rid of it in the same way that I did.

There are no fees. You will not find pictures of grim looking Feet and Nail Infections on this site. There are plenty of gory pictures on other sites if that is what you want. I believe that if you have a foot or nail infection the last thing you want to be looking at is other peoples unfortunate conditions. We all know what it looks like. So don’t send them to me…

The most important part of this site is the "Treatment" section. It will tell you in detail how to treat fungal nail and athletes foot. The "Mixtures" section describes a number of recipes for making your own fungal treating mixture. They are described and rated according to what people have said when they contacted me. If you gain one thing from this site let it be that the the "Treatment" is the most important bit. The stuff you put on your feet is important and some are better than others. But no matter the mixture it is the treatment that will get rid of it and stop it coming back.

Finally, if you have a contribution to make then contact me and I will add your rating or comments.

Awesome product + Fantastic advice + Great website = Very happy
P.J. Eddings
Lancashire, England
I had 4 badly infected toe nails and plus really stubborn athlete's foot between 2 toes. I tried all sort of expensive shop treatments Which worked for a little while maybe, stung to use and just wasn't that effective. So anyway, I decided to give this mix a try on a bit of a whim after seeing it on eBay and I'm so glad I did - this stuff is dynamite! I treated both feet at the same time. I put the mix neat into my toes, which maybe isn't the thing to do but the relief from the itching was instant and it didn't hurt a bit. The skin dried out in a matter of days and was completely healed within a week or so. My nails took about 6/7 months to clear. The AF does come back every now and then so I always make sure I have some in the cupboard. And yes, I know this sounds like an advert but seriously, If you've ever had stubborn AF, you'll understand my joy at finding something that worked so effectively.
Liz Mills
I work in a Nursing Home. Fungal Nail (onychomycosis) is really common in older people, especially if they are disabled in some way. I decided to so something about it here and boy have I started something. It takes only 2 or 3 minutes a day and a bit longer for the weekly "special". The difference it has made to the residents is unbelievable. Catherine is 82 and she says she now feels like dancing every day. She also wants to know if you are spoken for? Thank You and if you are ever in Milwaukee pop in and see me and Catherine. PS Catherine wants me to tell you that she still has her own teeth.
Margaret W
Milwaukee, WI
I bought this for a relative. We were both very skeptical at first. However, this works really well. On our third massage oil and looks almost normal.
J.J. Marks
Cornwall, England
Thanks Joe for this site my nails are nearly 100% recovered. As you say, it is pretty much common sense. I have spent a lot of time and money over the years and it has all been wasted. Your system cost me almost nothing and it started working almost immediately.
Jean Carlot
East Anglia, UK
My Mother is in a nursing home and her feet deteriorated really quickly. I don’t think she was getting the care I would have liked. Me and my brother took turns in treating her and she is much more comfortable. I also feel happy I can do this for her.
Edison, NJ
Thank God for the internet. Ordered this online and it arrived really quickly. It is the only thing that really works and a fraction of the cost of the stuff I used to buy at the shops. Loads of great advice before I bought too. Great value.
Christiana L.
Benidorm, Spain
Cleared my nails 100% and smells quite good too. I had some other stuff off eBay and it made my feet smell of sulphur all day long. Not this mixture. Very happy with this purchase.
Martin K.
Cynon Valley, Wales
Fantastic advice, Your process is the key to getting rid of footrot. From the first time I started with your treatment I have been getting better and better. By 4 weeks I had cleared most of the worst of it (I have sent you a photo, if you have a strong stomach). It is now 9 months and I consider myself to be 99% of the way there. Thank you for all the advice.
Simon P.
Poole, England
Wish I had found this
M. Freemon
Got to give it to you guys, I tried most things, even tablets that made me ill. This stuff works really well. I bought the large bottle as my feet were a mess and now they are pretty good. Half a bottle left too!
Joyce G.
Tenby, Wales
Recommended to me by an aromatherapist who uses it a lot and it has cleared up my funny feet. They were no laughing matter and are now into recovery mode.
S. Marr
Huddersfield, England
Man, I have had bad nails for years. I used to have athlete foot and it just got out of hand somehow. My wife hated my feet and that is not too strong a word. I am really, really happy with how they are doing now. It has only been 4 weeks but it is just fantastic. I took your advice with ordering the oil from emolly and they sent me a big bottle. I thought it looked a bit small but once it is all mixed up there is enough to treat an entire football team. Top Man.
M. Takame
South Island, NZ.
I have bought your concentrated oil and it does exactly as you said. When I showed my daughter, she showed me some Essential oils she had from the same company and she says they are great.
William D.
Liverpool, England
Excellent product. We are all using the spritzer and my mum has had excellent results with the large bottle. We will buy again.
Aaron P. (and Family)
Halifax, Canada
Reading through what other people have said is amazing. Had to put in something too. Your advice and process works fantastic. I feel like a new woman!
Samantha Bruce
Manchester, England
Where to begin. Your advice and email support has been awesome. Tried a few mixtures to treat these horrible toes and settled on the eMolly JoesToes. I am so glad I did because it is really doing the business.
Martin S.
Oxford, England
We bought the JoesToes Concentrated Mixture when we were visiting some friends in England. From the aromatherapy shop in Brighton. It has been incredible, I just had to tell you.
Marie H.
Lille, France
This treatment works. I mean this treatment really works. You probably already know that! but I just had to tell you it works. I have tried many things and paid hundreds of dollars for trash treatments. This works and next summer I am going to the beach to show off my feet. I used to feel real bad on the beach and bury my feet under the sand or inside shoes - Not next summer?.
Jane Dawn
Atlanta, GA
Great product. Fantastic results. I have recommended to to several friends. Thank you for putting in all that effort.
Jacqueline M.
London, England
I had really bad nails for about 10 years and nothing would shift them. This is very gentle but wow! it works.
K Troute
Cardiff, Wales
This works really well. It has made a huge difference to my life.
Heather R.
Lancashire, England
Thank you Joe. I did not expect much, because it is quite easy to do and I have already tried lots of things suggested by my physician. This has worked well for me and I am very satisfied to want to tell you everything. You already know these things I can tell. Good luck with your future and live long.
Nick Virtaken
It is not an exaggeration to say that this changed my life. It has and I feel great.
Serge S.
London, England
Too easy, getting rid of this plague should have been much harder!!! Why have I not done this years ago. Joe, you are a hero.
Ethan B.
Tacoma, WA
Look out summer, Here I come.
Sharon Frank
Glasgow, Scotland
Thank you for all this advice. I had suffered too long with these nails.
Carl S.
Abergavenny, Wales

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